But….I had plans!

Hi all!

It’s FABULOUS to be back with you! This topic is dear to my heart and I pray it will bless you!

Please, Lord? I had plans....
I was catching up with a dear saved sister of mine recently and somehow we started talking about past plans that had not materialized. She was planning to get married and I was moving to another state. We laughed and lamented as we recalled the details of our grand plans in detail. She was seeing wedding dresses and name changes, while I had visions of roaming NYC and meeting people on the weekends. We both sighed in exasperation saying, “I had plans!” Have you ever said that when God said “no” or “not now”?

As saved women of God, while we know that He is the ultimate planner and His ways and thoughts are above ours, (Isaiah 55:9), sometimes there are just some things we don’t understand. Don’t get me wrong–I’m not saying that we don’t accept God’s will, but if we are honest, we will admit don’t always accept it right away and cheerfully, especially if we don’t see the reasoning. For many of us, as we actively (rather than passively) wait for the Lord to bless us with mates (if it’s God’s will), while we are in a “holding pattern”, this is a perfect time to consult with God on what you should be doing while you wait.

Use this time to “take inventory” of yourself with God. For some of us, it may be that God wants to mature us a bit. For others, we may need to focus more on Him. Mayhap we need to make sure we are complete in Christ and draw closer to Him as we pray and fast.

I also read somewhere that it’s a good idea to pay down most, if not all of your debt. After all, do you want to go into a union with thousands of dollars to pay off? And even if you have “completed” this list, God may be working on your spouse–pray for him!! In addition, this is also a good time to immerse yourself in the Word, into a ministry (usher board, visiting the sick, etc.,) take a class, study a country, learn a language, help someone with a resume, babysit for a single mom–the possibilities are many! By doing so, you are bringing glory to God, blessing someone, allowing yourself to grow, becoming a more confident and more well-rounded person, as well as spending less time consumed with the lack of spouse. In fact, doing these things may even better prepare you for who God has for you!

So ladies, let’s trade in our little ol’ plans for God’s plans! Sometimes they take patience, which doesn’t always feel good, but take comfort in knowing He has the best planned for you!

In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths (Proverbs 3:6).

Love you!


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Just an average girl. Saved by and serving an AWESOME God who assigned me to help encourage His people to #StayOnTheWall.

2 thoughts on “But….I had plans!

  1. Auntie, auntie, AUNTIE!!!! been away for a lil bit, but you come back like you never left!! I love this!

    As I read this, I was like “Nothin’ but the truth here”! and the quickening in my spirit confirmed that this is something that needs to be done..hey, gotta be real!

    When I read the part about paying down debt, it made me think of this show I watch on Saturday nights called “Til Debt Do Us Part” where this lady, Gail Vaz-Oxlade, goes and helps couples who either racked up debt together, or they brought debt into the marriage, then piled MORE debt on top of that..(gotta watch, its eye opening sometimes-its on MNBC at 10pm)

    I have to say, while its not massive amounts, I do have some debt, and I do agree and encourage that if you got some/a lil/a lot of debt, clear that up before going into your marriage..better to have a clean slate together than to be tryin to slip it in with the “I dos”.

    I also agree with allowing the Lord to prepare you. That’s right, get on into a ministry or something.. just sitting on the sidelines and moping will 1) lengthen the process, and 2) make you a boring person, and possibly 3) make you ill prepared for when your time comes.

    As for me, one day I’d like to be a wife and mother, and a good one at that, so keep me in prayer while Jesus continues to work on me in my “holding period”. 🙂


    1. Hi Wanda!

      Thanks for the kind comments, Sis!! I’m SO glad to be back and that you took the time to comment! ((hug))

      As for your comments—-OOH-WEE (in Mr. Brown’s voice)—lol!! What profound insight! They are on point, Chicka! I love what you said about moping while waiting, and that it will:
      “1) lengthen the process, and 2) make you a boring person, and possibly 3) make you ill prepared for when your time comes.” AMEN!!

      We learned from the Israelites that complaining gets you forty years in the wilderness! Secondly, boring people are not the ones people want to be around OR people are attracted to. No, you don’t need to have a lampshade on your head clowning, but stretching out of your comfort zone will broaden your horizons and make you smarter and more interesting. You have to be able to hold a conversation, right?

      And finally, if you are sitting and waiting for someone to come by, what happens after you get together? Will you expect him to be your “cruise director?” I’m thinking men like a woman who can function without him having to figure out everything. Marriage is a partnership!

      Again, Wanda, you nailed it here…I pray every single person is blessed by your comments (I know I was) and puts some action behind the words. Thank you so much for commenting!!

      Love ya!

      P.S. We got your back in prayer about being a wife and mom–touching and agreeing in faith is done! And thanks for the tip about the show on MNBC–it sounds fantastic!!


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