Healthy Eating Spotlight–Blueberries

Hey family!

One of my dear sisters asked me about blogging about healthy food choices and I am only too happy to oblige. While we are not here to stay, I am of the mind while we are here, we should try, with God’s help, to do what we can to take good care of ourselves so we can head off preventable illnesses as much as possible. Of course, things happen that are out of our control, but we can control eating fried foods and large quantities of sweets every day.

Last year, I started making small dietary changes by incorporating more fruits, veggies and whole-wheat, and decreasing white, sugar, refined flour and caffiene. Eventually I started to eliminate wheat and “traditional” dairy, replacing them with gluten-free grains and almond or hemp milk. It seems I have more energy and lost a couple of inches. I do indulge every now and again with cake, chips or bread as a treat.

Well, Blen, what’s left to eat? Lots of things, we just need to break out of what we traditionally eat. The next few posts will focus on some simple info to incorporate in your diet. Let’s start small with this graphic on blueberries from


These powerful little berries can be put into your pancakes, spooned into your yogurt, put into a fruit parfait with granola, or into a smoothie (my favorite). Check your grocer’s freezer or the produce section of your market and stock up! While organic is best, it can be pricey. You can get around that by soaking them in equal parts vinegar and water for a few minutes and then rinsing.

Bottom line: Let today be the last day to not take better care of yourself through healthier eating habits. Nothing changes if nothing changes.



Infographic from

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