Room A203: Salad Pairings 101 [visual post]

Hey there BCU Family!

A while back I did a post on healthy eating, specifically salads–y’all know my 80/20 rule…eat healthy 80% of the time AND have cake for the other 20%!😉 Seriously, we need to be on top of our health holistically–and as we take care of the spirit, we also need to take care of the body as best we can.

That said, since it’s summer, lighter fare is in order, right?  Did you ever wonder how the restaurants come up with salads with the perfect combination of ingredients and flavors, but you can’t remember what all  was in the salad? ME, TOO!   Well, wonder no more! The wonderful Sherry Chen of Personal Creations (thank you, my friend) reached out to me with this wonderful visual on salad pairings—the struggle is over! Take a look, try those combination out and let Sherry or me how much you liked LOVED your salad!


Thanks for stopping by and God bless you!






Need some other cool ideas? Head over to Sherry’s site!


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